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British Beekeepers Association

Adopt A Beehive

Honey bees need your help! Do you want to help honey bees without getting your hands sticky? Adopt A Beehive with the BBKA and you will be supporting vital research into honey bee health, and education into good bee husbandry.

Honey bees are dying out all over the world and it’s time to act to help combat their decline. You can see the projects that the BBKA is currently supporting here.

How can I help?

You don’t need to become a beekeeper to help keep bees. Now you can support the work of the BBKA and share in the hidden world of the honey bee by Adopting A Beehive.

You will get seasonal updates from your local Adopted beekeeper and learn all about the joys and challenges of their beehives. You will also receive a welcome pack full of bee goodies including:

  • A jar of honey
  • A pack of pollinator-friendly Habitat Aid wildflower seeds
  • A pocket guide to the honey bee
  • A lip balm from Burt’s Bees

Stuck for a gift idea? Adopt A Beehive is a great gift for any garden or nature lover.

Help us to save the honey bee! Thank you for your time and support.

Margaret Murdin

BBKA Chairman

Go to the Adopt a Beehive section of the BBKA Shop

OR CALL: 0845 6807038* to Adopt a Beehive. 

* Lines open Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5pm

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