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Eat Natural

Our bars and cereals are packed with ingredients such as apricots, almonds and cranberries, which are reliant on pollinators like honey bees. We’re backing the BBKA’s project to raise awareness of the humble honey bee, and with the help of the hives’ Arnia technology, understand more about bees’ activity from inside the hive.

How Eat Natural is helping to Build the Buzz

At Eat Natural we’ve teamed up with the BBKA to raise awareness of the importance of the honey bee and get people everywhere doing their best to keep Britain’s beehives thriving. It’s a subject close to our hearts because bees are vital to pollinating lots of the fruit and other ingredients that we pack into our bars, as well as producing all the delicious honey that binds them together. That’s why we’ve called our initiative Pollenation: our drive to give bees a helping hand in doing what comes naturally.

Our efforts are already bearing fruit. About 12,500 people have asked for one of our seed packs specially designed to get bee-friendly habitats blooming in gardens all over the country. Next spring they'll be creating quite a buzz.

But anyone familiar with Eat Natural knows we like to get as hands-on as possible. That’s why, when we looked at all those used wooden pallets at our Essex Makery, we saw the raw materials of a very special beehive. Getting together with traditional craftsmen and forward-thinking designers, we upcycled our pallets to create a new hive that incorporates technology from bee-monitoring specialists Arnia. It allows beekeepers and scientists insights into brood temperature, the affects of weather, colony acoustics and bee behaviour within the hive like never before.

We already have 25 of these Eat Natural beehives buzzing away under the watchful eyes of BBKA members but in 2017 we'll be doubling that number by recruiting enthusiastic people who’ve never kept bees before. Our small army of Eat Natural beekeepers will take delivery of one of our state-of-the-art hives and be part of a nationwide network boosting the bee population and providing scientists with vital data on the health of our honey bees.

Getting involved can also be as simple as picking up one of our Honey Bars, due out in 2017with a little help from TV presenter Ben Fogle. Coming from a beekeeping family, wildlifelover Ben appreciates how bees knit together plant and animal habitats and keep thecountryside healthy. He’ll be behind the launch of the Honey Bar, made with produce from the hives of our Eat Natural beekeepers and designed to raise more than just awareness, with proceeds from sales going to help fund important studies into bee health.

About Eat Natural

At Eat Natural’s Makery in Essex we like to keep to things simple. That’s why all of our bars and cereals are made by hand in small batches, with all the care you would put into making a cake in your own kitchen. We carefully choose our ingredients from like-minded growers before we roast and toast them to bring out their natural flavours and work them together for baking. This is how we can be sure that our bars and cereals stay free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours – because, we believe, the less we mess with it, the better it tastes