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British Beekeepers Association

Suttons Seeds

Suttons Seeds are delighted to be working with the BBKA to help prevent the decline of the honey bee. Awareness is growing that we rely heavily on honey bees and other pollinators for much of the food that is on our plate: fruit, veg, salad and even chocolate!

In an effort to ensure these essential insects have access to the food they need to survive, Suttons Seeds have developed the ultimate collection of seed varieties that will keep the honey bee and other pollinators nourished all-year-round with the introduction of Suttons Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • A mixture of flower, vegetable and herb seeds to provide nectar and pollen all-year-round
  • Each packet includes the option to ‘Adopt a Beehive’ or become a ‘Friend of the Honey Bee’
  • Supports scientific research that will help reduce the threat of the honey bee decline
  • Helps to promote awareness that we need to feed the bees!

Everyone can help save our bees! Whether you have a patio, window box, or allotment, planting just a few varieties from Suttons Wildlife seed collection will ensure that our honey bees have somewhere to dine all-year-round.

For over 200 years Suttons have endeavoured to provide the highest quality packet seed to the hobby gardener. And, as proud Royal Warrant holders, we are even more thrilled that it’s not just Royal Households that favour Suttons - 93% of consumers recognise Suttons Seeds as a market leader!

Suttons is proud to be working with the British Beekeepers Association to help prevent the decline of the honey bee.

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