British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association

How We Are Run

The BBKA is a registered charity and therefore subject to such laws and regulations as apply to charities. It is obliged to conform with such standards and relevant guidance as the Charity Commission may issue from time to time.

Governance process is defined by the BBKA Constitution. The key elements of that process are set out below. 

Each Area Association member of the BBKA (currently 67 associations, representing some 25,000 beekeepers) each appoint a Delegate to attend the BBKA’s Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM), who votes on behalf of the Area Association he/she represents.

The quorum for an Annual Delegate Meeting is two-thirds of the Area Associations. Voting is usually on a simple majority basis, but any Delegate may call for a weighted vote based on the registered membership of each Area Association.

Appointed at the Annual Delegate Meeting are the President and 12 Trustees, who collectively comprise the Executive Committee (EC) that is the governing body of the BBKA. Delegates may adopt propositions at the Annual Delegate Meeting that provide policy direction to the EC. 

The Constitution empowers the EC to appoint its Chairman and to do such lawful things as it deems necessary for the achievement of the objectives of the BBKA.

Delegates also elect the 9 members of the BBKA’s Examinations Board (EB) that is responsible for the management of the BBKA’s examination processes and maintenance of the necessary standards. It operates independently of the EC.

Trustees and the members of the EB are appointed for specified periods, retire by rotation and are eligible for re-election, provided that no Trustee or member serves more than 8 consecutive years.

The EC and EB account for their stewardship at each Annual Delegate Meeting by means of the annual Trustees Report and Financial Statements, the latter being audited and certified by an independent firm of Chartered Accountants

Appointments made by the EC of the General Secretary and the Treasurer are approved at the Annual Delegate Meeting; as are the annual rates of capitation paid by Area Associations to the BBKA.  Capitation remains the principle source of income of the BBKA.