British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association

Terms of Use

Uploading your photographs

  • The photographs to be uploaded must be your property
  • Only bees, beekeeping associated and beekeeping Association activities photographs can be uploaded and displayed on the BBKA website
  • All photographs remain the property of the member but if downloaded will be watermarked as BBKA copyright.
  • Any size of jpeg photo can be uploaded to the site. The upload facility creates copies of the photos at various sizes for use in the gallery. The largest photo is for viewing and downloading and the maximum size is 800 x 800 pixels at 72 dpi.
  • No pictures intended to advertise products will be displayed in the Gallery
  • All photographs submitted will be moderated before inclusion on the Gallery and that process will take up to one week from submission of the photograph(s). This is solely to avoid unsuitable images being added to the website causing offence to those viewing the Gallery and embarrassment to the BBKA. 

Downloading Photographs

  • All photographs can be freely downloaded if they are to be used for amateur or educational purposes
  • If photograph downloads are required for professional/commercial purposes, they can only be used/published after the person or agent requesting their use has contacted the owner to negotiate and obtain the owner’s written permission.
  • If a higher resolution version of a picture is required, that must be negotiated and agreed with the owner of the picture(s) by contacting the owner.