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British Beekeepers Association

Uploading Procedure

  1. Only BBKA members can upload photographs to the BBKA Website Gallery.
  2. To upload photographs you must be logged in to the site.
  3. If you have not previously uploaded any photographs:
    1. You first need to create an album i.e. Click on words create an album
    2. Complete the Album Name box
    3. Provide some information about the album in the information box below
    4. Click on the Create Album button
  4. When your album has been created, you can then upload your pictures either singly or multiples.
  5. When the pictures have been fully uploaded to your album, you are requested to identify (tag) the picture using the available options e.g. brood, queen, comb etc, and also include a caption for the picture. If a suitable tag does not exist, please contact the Website.
  6. When you have added all of your photographs, click on the Save all changes button.
  7. If you have previously downloaded photographs and your album exists:
    1. You can add to or edit your album
      1. Opening your album by clicking on the View your album tab on the right side and when the view album page opens, click on the pencil (edit) sign
      2. Upload your pictures either singly or multiples as per (4) & (5) above.
      3. When you have added all of your photographs, click on the Save all changes tab.
  8. Your photographs will automatically be added to your album for display but will also be presented to the Webeditor for moderation. If a photo is rejected it will be removed from the Gallery and any posts to which it has been linked.

Note: The number of photograph categories (tags) is not restricted so if you have any additional suggestions or any other comments about the Gallery contact the Website.

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