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Within this section you will find ideas to help you in the classroom to engage pupils of various ages in the world of the honey bee.

Start with Pooh

Pooh Bear is a good starting point for young children. They can relate to a topic when you start with the familiar. All children know how Pooh Bear tried to get to a bees' nest to get honey. Beekeepers have a better way.

Creating a model of honeycomb

This provides an excellent and child friendly way of explaining to very young children what can be found in the cells of a comb in a honey bee hive.

The comb can be made from hexagonal cardboard cylinders from the pattern below. Cut out the pattern and lightly score along the dotted lines. Then fold along the dotted lines and glue together (use paper clips to hold them until the glue dries)

Into the cells can be placed:-

  • A small jar of honey
  • A small jar of pollen
  • An egg (plastic or even chocolate)
  • A small white larva (cotton wool for example)
  • A big fat white larva (knitted)
  • A cuddly bee - this should be hidden with a lid
  • You may be able to think of better ways of depicting these.

The pattern produces hexagonal cylinders 61 mm. across flats and 74 mm. deep. Probably the easiest way to print the pattern is to use the hexagon template in the 'Further Reading' section.