British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association


In order to keep bees you will need some specialist equipment which will not only protect you but help you in handling the bees.

You need to have a hive in which to house your bees, together with a variety of related equipment.  There are various types of hive available to you. The most popular types of hive in use throughout the UK are the National, Commercial, Langstroth and WBC. There is a wider choice of hive, including various top-bar hive designs, 'heritage' designs, Dartington  and Beehaus, to name but a few.

With any particular type of hive, you will get some or all of these various components including a floor, entrance block, varroa screen, brood box, super,  queen excluder, crown board and a roof.

You will also need various other accessories (some of which are specific to a hive type) such as brood and super frames, foundation wax sheets and mouse guards.  

In due course you will also need items such as feeders.

You will also need a bee suit with veil, hygienic gloves to protect you and the bees, a hive tool to help you move frames and a smoker to help you calm the bees.

There are a wide selection of suppliers who can provide you with all of the above and much, much more.