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Bee Books

Members of BBKA have access to three main libraries of books to aid in their studies or research.

Collections of Bee Books available for members. The catalogues for each collection are available as downloads on this website.

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There are three collections of bee books available for members as reference. These books form an excellent source for those wishing to undertake any research. It is emphasised that these books are not available to loan, but just as a source of reference material. None of the collections have many new books, these are more readily available from local Association or Branch libraries.

1. The BBKA Library

BBKA has an excellent selection of bee books acquired over the years, including many valuable old and some original editions. These are stored at the BBKA headquarters at Stoneleigh. Those who wish to access these books can do this by contacting the office and arranging a suitable time.

2. The Cotton & Fraser collections

The Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) at Reading is the home of an extensive collection of bee books and reference material. Many bee journals are held here, including the British Bee Journal, Bee Craft, Gleanings and the American Bee Journal. MERL also holds the Cotton collection of bee books and the Malcolm Fraser collection. The Malcolm Fraser collection includes boxes of his research note books and papers. Access to these collections may be arranged by contacting MERL and indicating which items you would like to see. Tel. 0118 378 8660

3. The Cowan collection - (Crown copyright Fera 2011)

The Cowan collection of bee books (© Crown copyright Fera 2011) is housed in the FERA laboratories near York and comprises over 1000 items. Contact General Library Enquiries, Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), Sand Hutton, York YO41 1LZ. Telephone: 01904-462272