British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association


BeeBase is an invaluable resource for beekeepers that is run by the National Bee Unit. Not only is BeeBase part of the network of information available to help and guide beekeepers, it is also there to help you take the necessary action to protect your colonies from any known disease outbreaks in your area.

Once you register, the NBU can alert you to any disease outbreaks and arrange to inspect your colonies if necessary. That way you ensure that the early action necessary to protect your colonies is taken. You can register online as a Beekeeper and can request a free apiary visit from your local inspector who will provide any help and advice you need. Use the links either on the left hand side of the page, or within the text, to navigate to the pages you wish to view. If you are an inspector you can search the database with a variety of queries and will be able to create, update or edit certain records. Blank forms are also available for you to print off if you require.

The website also provides information on the functional activities of the NBU, legislation, pests and diseases, including their recognition and control, interactive maps, current research areas, publications, advisory leaflets and key contacts.