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British Beekeepers Association


BBKA News, incorporating the British Bee Journal, is the flagship publication of the British Beekeepers Association

BBKA News... published monthly in full colour and, within its 36 pages, has articles that cover all aspects of beekeeping. With a circulation of 23,413 in January 2017, the newsletter gives the latest updates on technical issues that have a direct impact on British beekeepers, with content aimed at both the novice and more experienced members. It is constantly refreshed, it is informed, it is sometimes witty, it is never dull nor is it too repetitive, and it carries advertisements by suppliers and manufacturers of beekeeping equipment.

For members it is delivered straight to your door. It is a window on the work that is carried out on behalf of the membership by a growing band of expert volunteers who support members on publicity, education, and technical issues. The reports keep the membership aware of developments that have a direct impact on them or their associations.

This excellent publication prepared by members for members continues to develop. As with everything in beekeeping, the story needs regularly updating, and the BBKA editorial team and its growing band of contributors are committed to ongoing improvement.

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