British Beekeepers Association


British Beekeepers Association

National Honey Week

National Honey Week runs from 23-29th October and is our way of celebrating the honey crop and recognising the vital role of the honey bee to our environment and way of life.

The results from the BBKA’s annual honey survey will be unveiled during this week and, at the end of the week, from the 26th – 28th October, the National Honey Show will be taking place at Sandown Racecourse in Esher, Surrey.

A good beekeeper will always ensure that a colony of bees has more than enough honey for its needs, usually around 30 lbs or 13 kilos, and only take what can be spared.

The honey crop is considered an indicator of the state of the natural world.  For example, a poor honey crop could suggest bad weather, a lack of forage or a weakness in the honey bee colony, which is why the results to the BBKA Honey Survey are of such national interest.

The BBKA invites members of the public to help honey bees by planting flowers providing nectar and pollen, which honey bees can eat, or to join its fundraising scheme, Adopt a Beehive.

For a year’s subscription to Adopt a Beehive, please call the BBKA office on 0845 680 7038 or buy online

To be sent details of the BBKA annual honey survey, published during Honey Week please contact either:

  • BBKA press officer, Diane Roberts, Mobile: 07841 625797
  • Adopt a Beehive press officer, Nicky Smith, Tel: 01608 495014 Mobile: 07771 785228